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Friends & Family

Wallowa County Fall Panorama. Photography by Mary Edwards

Wallowa County Friends and Family

Wallowa County, It’s a Way of Living: A Poem by Alisha

Alisha YoungWallowa County offers to us a home,
It’s a place of comfort, where roots are grown,
Memories are made and stories are told,
It’s a bountiful place for the young and the old,
Here we are surrounded by family and friends
And these images are captured by a camera lens.
Forever frozen in that time and place,
To still a moment; a thought or a face. 
These are but scraps of a lifetime here,
To be place in a book and held very dear.
Lay them in place; lend the pages your tale,
Of your time spent here and a life lived well.
Full of friends and family, always giving
For in Wallowa County, it’s a way of living.

-Alisha Young

You can count on the friendly people of Wallowa County. It’s more than a pretty place; it’s a way of Living!