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Wallowa County Campus

Wallowa County as the Campus – A Unique Educational Opportunity

Seeking to participate in quality educational and training activities and experiences to enhance educational goals, occupational or personal enrichment and interests in a beautiful setting?   If so, the Wallowa County as the Campus (WCAC) program may be the right one for you.

Through the Wallowa County Education & Training Center and its unique partnerships with individuals, groups, organizations, colleges and universities, the program offers a broad spectrum of educational, training and experiential opportunities ranging from:

  • University and College credit, degree and certificate programs;
  • Occupational, technical and trade skills enhancement;
  • Continuing education in a variety of topics;
  • Distance delivered courses and other educational activies;
  • K-12 courses and field experiences to augment those of the public and private schools;
  • Experiential and recreational learning and field tours and studies; and
  • Others.

All the above are conducted in beautiful Wallowa County in Northeastern Oregon and utilize the unique knowledge and expertise of partners as well as the topography and environment for rewarding and successful educational experiences.

Utilizing a broad network of collaborators, professionals and program-planning experience, the Center with its partners can also develop special courses and/or trainings to meet specific group or business needs by request.

Wallowa county Schools

Wallowa County offers high quality education from preschool through high school, and beyond. Here, the whole community participates with the education of our children, and all county schools consistently receive the highest ratings from the State. Wallowa County kids have gone on to such universities as Stanford, Notre Dame, Harvard Medical School, West Point Academy, and honors programs at Oregon State, University of Oregon, and other fine schools.

Education Service District

Wallowa County  ESD
Region 18
Edward Jensen, Superintendent
107 S.W. First Street
Enterprise, Oregon 97828
(541) 426-4997
Fax (541) 426– 3732

We work as a cooperative, creative team, dedicated to enhancing the learning of the communities children by designing and delivering services responsive to school district needs. Our services strive to demonstrate leadership, wise utilization of resources, cooperative relationships with school districts and other agencies, and a commitment to being a learning and evolving organization.

Mission Statement:
It is the primary mission of the Wallowa County Education Service District to furnish services which support state and local efforts to provide an efficient and high quality educational opportunity for each public school student residing in the constituent local districts of the Wallowa County Education Service District.


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Public Schools

Enterprise School District
Aaron Milner, Superintendent
201 SE 4th Street
Enterprise, OR  97828
Enterprise High School

Joseph School District
Rhonda Shirley, Superintendent
PO Box W
Joseph, OR  97846
Joseph High School
Imnaha k-8 (541)577-3119

Wallowa School District
Bob Sisk, Superintendent
PO Box 425
Wallowa, OR  97885
Elementary School
Wallowa High School

Troy School District Number 54
Jinny Martin, Teacher
66247 Redmond Grade Lane
Enterprise, Oregon 97828
(541) 828-7788


Alternative School
Maria Weer
103 Highway 82 #2
Enterprise, OR  97828
(541) 426-9411

Private Schools

Providence Academy of Classical
Christian Education

723 College St., Box 55
Lostine, OR 97857

The Learning Tree Montessori School
P.O. Box 907
Joseph, OR 97846
(541) 432-0163

Seventh Day Adventist School
Bonnie Bowman, Principal
PO Box N
Enterprise, OR  97828

Higher Education

Blue Mountain Community College
Rhonda Harguess
107 SW 1st Enterprise, OR 97828

Eastern Oregon University
1 University Blvd.
La Grande, OR 97850

Nonprofits Education Programs

Wallowa Resources
Wallowa Mountain Institute

Holly Akenson, WMI Director
P.O. Box 274 Enterprise, OR 97828
(541)426-8053 info@wallowaresources.org

Fishtrap, Inc
Barbara Dills, Interim Director
400 East Grant Street
PO Box 38 Enterprise, OR 97828
(541)426-3623 info@fishtrap.org


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