Wallowa County Museum
110 S Main, Joseph, Oregon
Open from Memorial Day
weekend until the third
week-end in September.
10 a.m. to 5 p.m
(541) 432-6095

Wallowa County Museum

'Attitude Adjustment' by Austin Barton"Coming into Joseph, I can't help but to compare what it was like when I was a kid growing up there. At that time I never even imagined I would have Bronze Statuary on the streets; the thought never even entered my mind. The traffic was so different back then. The streets were so empty after 4:00 on a weekday, you could shoot a cannon down Main Street without hitting anyone. Things were only a little livelier when the farmers & ranchers came to town on weekends. The 'Attitude Adjustment' monument stands on the corner of the block where Duncan's Livery Barn stood. I used to start my colts in the corrals out back, and ride them there until I got most of the 'buck' out of them. The memories of the Old West are still there & I am proud to have been part of that area and equally proud to be able to contribute to the atmosphere of Joseph with my sculptures of the Western Way of Life."

- Austin Barton

Photography Bu Dave Jensen, image by Dave JensenWay back in the 1870s, Oregon's Governor Lafayette Grover campaigned for what he described as "the redemption of the wilderness" in Oregon's remote northeast corner. He said that the Nez Perce Indians were wasting the productive potential of the land and that they should be removed from the path of progress so that hardworking settlers could turn the place into a more accommodating habitat for more and more people. When I arrived in Wallowa County in 1973, the population of pale faces was under 7,000. There were still wide open spaces, clear streams, and wonderful mountain views unobstructed by sprawling subdivisions or polluted air. Relative to the rest of the nation, redemption here seemed to be behind schedule. Thanks entirely to its "unredeemed" character, Wallowa County in recent years has become a magnet for artists. Migrating to beautiful, unspoiled locations has been something of a tradition for artists. Think of Van Gogh and the south of France, Gauguin and Tahiti, or Georgia O'Keefe abandoning New York for New Mexico. Also conforming to tradition, unfortunately, the arrival of artists often leads to big changes for these beautiful locations when urbanites, wanting to see what the artists are so enthusiastic about, begin migrating themselves, bringing their pocketbooks with them. Whether Wallowa County will conform to this tradition in all respects remains to be seen, but it will be ironic if it turns out to be artists who finally fulfill Governor Grover's vision.

-Dave Jensen

He Who Thinks He's Invisible by Shelley Curtiss"Main Street may have changed her costume over the years but the backdrop and lighting have remained the same. I rolled into town some twenty five years ago looking for Glen Anderson, builder of the first of four world class foundries in the area. The crisp air snapped with natural vitality and creative excitement. It's all here...the warm embrace of the canyon basalts, the vibrant stimulation of high mountain lakes, and a close knit sense of artistic community. I live here simply because this wellspring of inspiration feeds my desire to create. The wonderful stillness gives me the time."

- Shelley Curtiss

309 South River Street, Ste B
PO Box 427
Enterprise, OR 97828
(541) 426- 4622
(800) 585-4121
Fax (541) 426-2032

Arts & Museums

A Pour at Valley Bronze, Photography by David Jensen. 'Garden Walk' Bronze by Ramon Parmentor. 'Aspens Along Hurricane Creek' Oil Painting by Leslie LeViner. Valley Bronze Monument Center, Photography by David Jensen.

The Arts in Wallowa County

Nowhere on earth will you find such a
grand combination of art and natural beauty.

-This is a bold, yet true, statement.

Garden WalkThe foundry industry started in 1982 with Glen Anderson, a retired businessman and local entrepreneur. Upon the purchase of an empty building he pondered the question of just what now would he do with it. It was suggested to him by a few local sculptors that a bronze foundry would be to their convenience. Convinced of the possibilities, thus began the first of what would become a World-Class Mecca for artistic bronze casting on a truly international scale.

Timber, a major economic driver, waned as the national forests closed, forcing families out of the valley in search of employment.  At the same time, individuals began promoting Joseph to artists outside the area. Over time the transition to bronze casting and art-centered cultural tourism occurred and helped soften the loss of timber jobs.

'Tracking the Intruders' by J. Shirly BothumGalleries sprang up as did potters, painters, glass blowers and artists who worked in a variety other mediums. They live here because of the art-town notoriety, community and incredible natural beauty. 

In 1996, Joseph’s Mayor Shelley Curtiss spearheaded an effort to enhance the beauty of Joseph’s Main Street to include cobblestone sidewalks and the removal of power lines that blocked the mountain views.  Joseph merchants and others ran with the idea and in 2002 the project was completed; its crowning feature was the permanent placement of 7 Monumental Bronze Sculptures. These life and larger-than-life-size sculptures represent themes common to the West. Much of the work was donated by local artists and several new pieces have been added since.


Tourists flock to a sight like none other
this truly is a "Must-See"

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Chamber Members:

Art West Press

Address: PO Box 38 Joseph, OR 97846
Tele: 760-519-4982
E-Mail: edpitts@yahoo.com
Contact: Edward Pitts
Web: www.artwestpress.com
Description: Art West Press is a book publisher and graphic design service specializing in promoting artists, musicians and writers in Wallowa County. AWP works pro bono, for emerging artists, and undertakes commercial projects. Media include books, brochures, posters, business cards, logos, rack cards, buttons, coupons, copy writing and advertising campaigns. Clients have ranged from political candidates to the Sports Car Club of America.
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Aspen Grove Gallery

Address: PO Box 189/602 North Main Street, Joseph, OR 97846
Tele: (541) 432-9555
E-Mail: info@aspengrovegallery.com
Contact: Carol McLaughlin Kortnik or Mark Kortnik
Web: www.aspengrovegallery.com
Description: Original oil & Watercolor, Fine Art paintings, Sculpture by Mark & Carol McLaughlin Kortnik. Also we offer 16 years experience in custom picture framing.
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Bronson Log Homes, Inc

Address: PO Box 176 Enterprise, OR 97828
Tele: 541-426-6072
Fax: 541-426-0169
E-Mail: loghome@eoni.com
Contact: Bill & Terri Bronson and Dean Himes
Web: www.bronsonloghomes.com
Description: BLH Construction is a builder of quality, custom hand-crafted log home packages & frame buildings. Therefore, we do not have prebuilt kits, our homes are built per client order. We have homes and commercial buildings in many areas. The majority of log packages produced by BLH Construction are full time residences. Many are "executive type" homes, having all the structural and energy codes in all parts of the country while retaining a warm, relaxing atmosphere. The size and style vary from a 25 sq. ft. dog house to a 25,000 sq. ft. luxury ski lodge. BLH Construction promotes healthy forests by utilizing secondary wood products not only for our homes, but also for creating beautiful hand-crafted furniture and accessories such as stairs and railing. We offer a line of products from paper towel holders to king size beds, dressers and couches. A quality BLH Home is customized to fit your lifestyle. Custom designs and plans are available to create a home of timeless beauty. BLH Construction looks forward to serving your needs for a lifetime of comfort and satisfaction
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Address: 300 North Lake Street, Joseph, OR
Tele: (541) 432-0585
E-Mail: calderasofjoseph@gmail.com
Contact: Nancy Young Lincoln
Web: www.calderasofjoseph.com
Description: Calderas, casually decadent dining! Serving dinner, espresso, cocktails, wine & dessert. Come enjoy fresh produce grown in our own garden in Imnaha, have a freshly cut steak hot off the grill & complete the evening with our signature Lava cake that melts in your mouth. Our building is handcrafted by local talent & the view of the Eagle Caps is amazing. Seasonal hours: May - September Open Wednesday-Monday 2pm-9:30pm; winter hours Tuesday-Saturday 4pm-8pm; Closed January-March. October - January Open Thursday - Saturday Valentines' Day - May Open Thursday - Saturday call 541-432-0585
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Cattle Country Quilts

Address: PO Box 110/203 N. Main Ste. 2 Joseph, OR 97846
Tele: (541) 432-6669 ; toll free 866-877-6669
E-Mail: cattlecntryqlts@eoni.com
Contact: Cassandra Botts
Web: www.cattlecountryquilts.com
Description: Home to the rare Fabricus Beauticus, quilt shop located at 203 N. Main Ste. 2, Joseph, OR.
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Crooks Clocks

Address: PO Box 594, Joseph, OR 97846
Tele: 541-432-6408
E-Mail: coppertop@eoni.com
Contact: Tom and Treva Crooks
Web: www.eoni.com/~overwound
Description: Crooks Clocks specializes in repair and rehabilitation of antique and modern clocks of all types. There is free pick up and delivery within the Wallowa Valley and no charge for estimates. Evaluations for insurance purposes are available. Custom clocks can be designed and constructed to customer specifications. Pocket watch repair is available.
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David Jensen Photographer

Address: 405 South Street, Enterprise, OR 97828
Tele: (541) 426-4193
E-Mail: djensen@eoni.com
Contact: David Jensen
Web: www.djensenphotography.com
Description: Photographer - commercial, product, assignment, travel, notecards, posters, fine art. Stock photographer--nearly 50,000 images accumulated over the course of of thirty years of travels in the Western U.S. and especially throughout Eastern Oregon. See this website for other photos www.agpix.com/djensen.
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Futuristic Photography

Address: PO Box 208/703 E Main, Enterprise OR 97828
Tele: (541) 426-3239
Fax: (541) 426-3239
E-Mail: wjklages@oregontrail.net
Contact: Joy or Walter Klages
Description: portraits, senior pictures, landscape photography, baby pictures, wildlife photography, school pictures, class pictures.
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Gene Hayes Gallery

Address: PO Box 217 Wallowa OR, 97885
Tele: (541) 886-3311
E-Mail: hayesart@oregontral.net
Contact: Gene Hayes
Web: www.hayesart.org
Description: oil painting, watercolor, watercolor painting, signs, wildlife painting, native american painting, historical building painting, drawing.
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Heirloom Screen Door Co.

Address: 64934 Alder Slope Rd., Enterprise, OR 97828
Tele: (541) 426-3317
Fax: 541) 426-3317
E-Mail: aldersln@eoni.com
Contact: Randy Slinker
Web: www.heirloomscreendoorcompany.com
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Joseph Digital

Address: 63872 Pine Tree Rd, Enterprise, OR 97828
Tele: (541) 426-9017
E-Mail: jabaird@eoni.com
Contact: Jeff Baird
Web: www.josephdigital.com
Description: Web Site Design, Photography, Large Format (24") Printing and full-service Video Production. Featuring cost-effective solutions for your digital world. Makers of this site and others in the Wallowa County area.
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Joseph Oregon Artists

Address: 63872 Pine Tree Rd, Enterprise Oregon 97828
Tele: (541) 426-9017
E-Mail: jabaird@eoni.com
Contact: Jeff Baird
Web: www.josephoregonartists.com
Description: A Directory for Artists and the Galleries that represent them. This website is free to all artists in Wallowa County. Come Join!
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Karyl Kolb Photography

Address: P.O. Box 925 Joseph, Oregon 97828
Tele: 541-426-5737
E-Mail: rainierrim@aol.com
Contact: Karyl Kolb
Description: Photography Classes, Workshops, Weddings, Senior Portraits, Engagement Photos, Family Reunions, One on One instructions
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Kelly's Gallery on Main

Address: PO Box 384/2 South Main, Joseph OR 97846
Tele: (541) 432-3116; (541) 426-4037, Home
E-Mail: kgallery@eoni.com
Contact: Kelly
Web: www.kellysgalleryatjoseph.com
Description: A unique, fine art gallery where there truly is something for everyone. Bronze sculpture, hand blown glass, original paintings, gorgeous, meta-sculpture wall hangings, custom jewelry, stone carvings, hand-painted feathers in barnwood shadow boxes and much more. Come enjoy!
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L & L Backroads

Address: PO Box 457, Wallowa, OR 97885
Tele: (541) 886-3471
E-Mail: lbauck@gmail.com
Contact: Linda Bauck
Web: www.llbackroads.com
Description: Photography & Video Production
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Lakeside Interiors

Address: 305 N. Main, PO Box 190, Joseph, OR 97846
Tele: (541) 432-5885
E-Mail: lakesidelynn@eoni.com
Contact: Lynn Wolf
Description: Browse local and regional art, antique furniture and collectibles, fabric, pillows,lampshades, guy stuff, and other FUN FINDS for the home. Blinds, shades, draperies and consultations. Always competitive pricing, professional service, broad selection. Installation available. Hours: 10-5 daily, closed Tuesdays. Shorter hours during winter months, but call me at home if you need an appointment or to browse the shop 541-432-8215 or 503-692-5050. 305 N. Main St./ P.O. Box 190 Joseph, Or. 97846 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lynn Wolf (541) 432-5885 Cell: 503-692-5050 Email: lakesidelynn@eoni.com
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Lamb Trading Company, LLC

Address: 203 N. Main, Joseph, OR. 97846
Tele: (541) 432-4343
E-Mail: flyshop@eoni.com
Contact: Rob Lamb
Web: www.josephflyshop.com
Description: Joseph's most colorful shop. Large selection of fine jewelry, imports, and native crafts. Hours: Monday-Saturday 10am-5pm, Sunday 10am-4pm Shop is closed January-March 203 N. Main/ PO Box 698 -Joseph, OR 97846 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ary Lamb (541)432-5304
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Leon Werdinger Photography - Ottertrack Productions

Address: PO Box 463 / 705 S. East St., Joseph, OR 97846
Tele: (541) 432-0930
E-Mail: leon@ottertrack.com
Contact: Leon Werdinger
Web: www.ottertrack.com
Description: Professional photography, including wedding & other events, assignment, adventure travel, product, stock and editorial. Leon is a very versatile photographer with the photographic, physical and people skills to produce great results in a wide variety of situations. His images frequently appear in national magazines.
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Mary Edwards Photography

Address: Joseph, OR
Tele: (541) 432-1078
E-Mail: marye57@eoni.com
Contact: Mary Edwards
Web: www.maryedwardsphotography.com
Description: Professional Landscape & Animal photography.
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Maxville Heritage Interpretive Center

Address: 211 East Second Street Wallowa, Oregon 97885
Tele: (541) 886-3670
E-Mail: maxvilleheritage@gmail.com
Contact: Gwendolyn Trice
Web: www.maxvilleheritage.org
Description: Maxville Heritage Interpretive Center under the aspices of The Friends of the Wallowa County Museum, pending Non-profit 501(c)(3) status is a volunteer group of supporters dedicated to educating the public about the history and significance of Maxville, founded nearly 100 years ago as a railroad logging town, and similar towns in the Pacific Northwest. Our mission is to collect, preserve and interpret the rich history of the multicultural logging community. We celebrate the contribution these isolated communities have made to the integration of African Americans and other nationalities over the past 100 years.
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Nicole Slater Photography

Address: 83126 Russell Lane Joseph OR 97846
Tele: 541-398-1735
E-Mail: koaselino@gmail.com
Contact: Nicole Slater
Web: www.nicoleslaterphotography.com
Description: Artistic portrait photography specializing in on-location, natural light portraiture. Engagement and wedding, senior portraits, pregnancy and children and pets.
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Norman Arts Inc

Address: 64685 Mawhin Rd Enterprise OR 97828
Tele: 541-426-4740
Fax: 541-426-4740
E-Mail: tim@normanarts.net
Contact: Tim Norman
Web: www.normanarts.net
Description: Established in 1996 by Tim and Nickie Norman, Norman Arts provides a full range of services, offering exceptional quality bronze castings and patinas, for their clients, from concept to completing. It is also where Tim creates and produces his own original line of bronze sculpture and art work.
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Ottertrack Productions

Address: PO Box 463 Joseph, OR 97846
Tele: 541-432-0903
E-Mail: leon@ottertrack.com
Contact: Leon Werdinger
Web: www.ottertrack.com
Description: Publication rights available for purchase for editorial, commercial and other uses. Please contact us for specific needs and rates. Leon has over 150,000 high quality 35mm transparencies and digital images on file. In addition to general stock images, subjects include camping, backpacking, river running (rafts, dories, kayaks and inflatable kayaks), backcountry skiing, snowshoeing, sea-kayaking, families, four season landscapes, archeological sites and rock art, flora & fauna, travel, rural scenes, abstract, environmental, organic farming, wind energy and many others.
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Parks Bronze

Address: 331 Golf Course Road Enterprise, OR 97828
Tele: 541-426-4595
E-Mail: parksbrnz@eoni.com
Contact: Steve Parks
Web: www.parksbronze.com
Description: Parks Bronze is a full service bronze foundry with over 25 years of experience. No project is too large or small. We offer sculpting, enlargement, quality silicone molds with fiberglass backing, bronze castings, silver castings, restoration and refinishing services with up-to-date technology. We have highly skilled and dedicated employees with years of experience in producing any size castings. We also specialize in monumental and life size sculptures. Artist are welcome to work at our facility and foundry tours are available.
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Shady Lady's Jewelry

Address: 402 South St., Enterprise, OR 97828
Tele: (541) 426-3572
E-Mail: beads@eoni.com
Contact: Viki Abram
Web: www.shadyladys.com
Description: Locally made, hand crafted jewelry by Viki, using high quality gemstones and precious metals in original designs - many pieces are one-of-a-kind. From simple to sublime! Shady Lady's jewelry offers unique creations for everyday or special occasions. OPEN YEAR AROUND!
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Stewart Jones Designs - Jewelry Studio & Gallery

Address: 2 S. Main St., Joseph, OR 97846
Tele: (541) 432-5202
E-Mail: indigo@eoni.com
Contact: Catherine Matthias or Stewart Jones
Web: www.stewartjonesdesigns.com
Description: Stewart Jones Designs occupies a historic 1911 brick bank building in the heart of Joseph's commercial district. This warmly elegant gallery represents regional artists in glass, segmented wood turnings, pottery, etchings, photography, and jewelry. Stewart Jones, winner of the DeBeers Diamonds International Design Awards, works in an open studio for viewing during all open hours, Thursday - Sunday, 10 - 5.
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Sunrise Iron Antique Tractor Show

Address: 65708 Sunrise Road, Enterprise, OR 97828
Tele: (541) 426-4407 or 541-263-0755
E-Mail: sunriseiron@eoni.com
Contact: Erl McLaughlin
Web: www.sunriseiron.com
Description: Antique Tractor Exhibit on a working ranch located outside Enterprise Oregon at the base of the beautiful Wallowa Mountains. Open year round call anytime for an showing.
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The Bookloft

Address: 107 E. Main, Enterprise, OR 97828
Tele: (541) 426-3351
E-Mail: bookloft@eoni.com
Contact: Mary Swanson Owner/Manager
Web: www.bookloftoregon.com
Description: The Bookloft has an interesting assortment of new and used books. We also carry maps including USGS quads of the area. Our coffee shop offers coffee, espresso drinks, baked goods and really good chocolate bars. The Skylight Gallery at the back of the store contains works by local artists.
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The Sheep Shed

Address: 3 S. Main, PO Box 425, Joseph, OR 97846
Tele: (541) 432-7000
E-Mail: info@JosephSheepShed.com
Contact: Sally Brandt
Web: www.JosephSheepShed.com
Description: Sally Brandt is committed to creating a thriving yarn shop and artisans’ gallery on Main Street, Joseph, featuring products made in Wallowa County. The Sheep Shed has products from several local artists and products from other businesses in Wallowa County to build recognition of the quality and breadth of artistic expression in this community. Her aim is to enhance the sales of art produced by local artists and to rekindle the County’s fiber arts tradition.
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Timber Bronze, Inc.

Address: 203 N. Main St., Joseph, OR
Tele: (541) 426-4126 Toll Free: (866) 313-9911
Fax: (541) 426-4081
E-Mail: mail@timberbronzeonline.com
Contact: Myron & Kendra Kirkpatrick, Owners
Web: www.timberbronzeonline.com
Description: “Manufacturer and retailer of unique cast silicon bronze hardware and decorative accessories based on a theme of pine cones, acorns, leaves, mushrooms branches, bark and wildlife likenesses. Particularly suited to log, timber frame, post and pole and other rustic homes and commercial structures. Our off-season showroom hours are limited; however, our production facility operates year round and you may contact us at the phone numbers and e-mail address above.”
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TW Bronze

Address: 202 Golf Course Road Enterprise, OR 97828
Tele: 541-398-0380
E-Mail: twbronze@uci.net
Contact: Tim William Parks
Web: www.twbronze.com
Description: Fine Arts foundry utilizing ceramic shell investment for lost wax method. Full Service foundry including fabrication. Gallery forthcoming. Metals available: Silicone bronze, everdure bronze, (Herculoy), silver. Tours available call for appointment
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Uptown Art

Address: PO Box 582 / 18 S. Main St., Joseph, OR 97846
Tele: (541) 432-0203
E-Mail: uptownart@hotmail.com
Contact: Missy Marshall
Description: Art Gallery - Frame Shop - Gift Shop
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Wallowa Valley Arts Council

Address: P.O. Box 526, Joseph, OR 97846
Tele: (541) 432-7535
E-Mail: carolyn.p.gilbert@gmail.com
Contact: Carolyn Gilbert
Web: www.wallowavalleyarts.org
Description: Supporting local artists through workshops, festivals, shows, and presentations. Working with all of the arts, including photography, bronze sculptires, painters, oils, ceramics, pottery, glass.
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Wallowa Valley Festival of Arts (28th Annual)

Address: 102 E. 1st St.
Tele: (541) 432-7535
E-Mail: carolyn.2.gilbert@gmail.com
Contact: Carolyn Gilbert, Festival Director
Web: www.wallowavalleyarts.org
Description: Celebrate the arts in Joseph Oregon, known for the galleries and bronze sculptures that line Main Street. Set beneath the breathtaking peaks of the Eagle Cap Wilderness, the 28th Annual Wallowa Valley Festival of Arts, an exhibit of art in most media from around the northwest, runs June 4-6 2010. For additional information about this calendar entry, please contact: David Riley, Publicity Chair Wallowa Valley Festival of Arts (541) 426-6534 rileydf@gmail.com
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Wallowa Valley Music Alliance

Address: P.O. Box 148, Enterprise, OR 97828
Tele: (541) 426-3390
Contact: Janis Carper, Executive Director
Web: www.wvmusicalliance.org
Description: The Wallowa Valley Music Alliance is dedicated to encouraging the growth of the music community in Oregon's Wallowa County, by connection music educators with students, and encouraging a widening participation in music of all genres, with particular emphasis on youth education.
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Wallowa Valley Photo Club

Address: PO Box 1055, Joseph, OR 97846
E-Mail: wallowaphoto@gmail.com
Contact: David Bridges, Club Member
Web: www.wallowavalleyphotoclub.com
Description: Publisher of Wallowa County Calendar , Promotional Book and Screen Savers. Meetings are the first and third Tuesdays of every month except June, July, and August. The Club offers members opportunities to show their photography and participate in workshops.
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